What do you want to be, an animal or human?

By: Mason Luo

          What if I had a choice to be an animal or a human, what would I choose? In my aspect, I want to be an animal. If I chose an animal then it would definitely be either a falcon or a shark. For a falcon, I can fly as far and high as I want and for a shark, I can swim as far and deep as I want. Therefore, if I were an animal these would be the most unforgettable places and activities I want to do or go.

If I were bird then these would be the most delighted places or activities I want spend my life on being a bird. When I fly to each of the Ancient 7 Wonders, I want to take a very close look to see each hint that leads me to the answer. Not just looking at the Wonders, but also looking at it wisely and insert it to my memory.  When I look at the Pyramids of Giza I want see how big it really is. After the magnificent trip I also my want to see the gigantic Rain Forest where rare animals live.

When I explore the awesome jungle I expect to see new or endangered animals so then when they extinct at least I get to see them the last time. That is only if I hope to do when I am an awesome falcon. On the other hand, I also wish to be a shark.

Generally, I love to swim and I am destined to swim fast but never got the chance to explore the mysterious deep bottom sea and ocean. The first activity I should do first is I want to seek the magnificent colorful coral reef. I want to see or I expect to see is colorful aquatic living creatures especially when I am at the coral reef. Well I think my expectations were too high and I bet my imagination is not going to beat the reality.

After the amazing the amazing trip to coral reef, I wish to find the mermaid… what it not because I like mermaid by Disneyland. It is just that when I was on the Hawaii ship to coral reef I went scuba diving a little and I never really saw anything in the deep water. I saw a swish. Thin like arrow but it was a spear unfortunately, I had no idea where it came from. Therefore, I was wondering if it is from the mermaid.

Later on, I was wondering where about where I should go next… oh yeah Atlantis. The mystical continent that sank yeah and I have been researching it for months. Therefore, I decided to go and seek the continent. If I some how manage to find the disappearing continent then I shall look super closely and see each clue that leads me to the story.

Finally, I want to go to the deep bottom ocean to see dark aqua creatures. I want to learn more about how they live and survive the dark cold water.

These would be the coolest activities if I were a falcon or a shark. I would wish to rather be an animal and it show why I want be an animal and for people you’ve got to do HW and you’ve got to get a job and all the crazy stuff. So what would you want to be a human or an animal? If would like to answer my questions above then feel free to email me! (masonluo007@gmail.com).

How do you fix the fishing rod string

Well there are many ways of fixing a string and for most people they do the beginners way. Heres how you fix it:

    • 1

      Remove the reel cap on spincast reels by twisting counterclockwise. Remove the housing on baitcast reels by unscrewing the two housing screws with a Phillips screwdriver.

    • 2

      Examine the line to determine if there are overlaps, uneven wraps, causing the jam. Jammed line will show uneven tension on the reel, and the line will flex at the jammed point when you try to pull it off the reel.

    • 3

      Cut the line at the jam and attempt to unravel the freed portion from the reel. If you quickly encounter another jam, repeat the process. If the line continues to jam every several feet, replace the entire line. Wear points on old lines will catch and prevent the line from spinning smoothly off the reel.

    • 4

      Inspect the gears on the reel if the line is not overlapping but still jamming. Lift the entire spool out of the housing on spincast and baitcast models. Unscrew the top of a spinning reel by turning the drag knob counterclockwise, and lift the entire spool and reel assembly out of the housing. Inspect the gears for rocks, sand and other foreign objects.

    • 5

      Rinse the entire assembly with fresh water to clear the jam. Reassenble the parts and test the reel. If it continues to jam, look for rust spots on the gears and add a drop of reel lubricant to fix the problem. Do not over-lubricate.

Weird SpaceCraft

Did you know that people have been seeing weird aircraft? there is 50% that the air craft can be an……..UFO!!!! UFO stand for Unidentified Flying Object. There is lot evidence because there is an alien that was see a taped on a camera in Brazil there’s no way that thing can be an alien. UFO in an unusual apparent in the sky that is not readily identifiable. UFO has generally become synonymous with alien spacecraft. UFO can often be a rounded shape and fly around in the air. In 1940 by Kenneth Arnold’s coining of the term flying saucer and the Roswell UFO incident. Roswell is the most common type of UFO. These evidence can solve the mystery of the UFO. Do you think the UFO is real? If you want to learn some facts and some evidence about the UFO then you got to read this. This book has real events that has to do with the UFO. This book can answer all these questions.

Could aliens really be real?

Is it possible that UFO can be real?

Can we solve the mystery of the UFO?

Can find out where the aliens came from?

So if you want to find out all these questions and get true facts about UFO then you got the book just for you to do research or just find out about UFO!

How you get Rayquaza in Pokemon Black or White

Omg I just got Rayquaza in Black and I’m going to teach you how to catch it. Now before you go capturing the Legendary Pokemon you first need to beat the Elite Four twice and get all 8 badges. Now once you’ve done that your going to also complete a task to get the Lava Cookie. Now to get the Lava cookie you need to go to Castelia City then your going to head to the Unova Cruise. REMEMBER YOU CAN ONLY DO THIS IN THE EVENING. You must beat all the trainers on the cruise. After you’ve done that the lady will give you a Lava cookie. Now the next step : Head to Undella town. Now go to Aybessl Ruines and you find a wall that is purple stone talk to it and throw Lava Cookie and then head back up. Go to Celestial tower and go all the way to the top. Then ring the bell 3 times and there you go you found Rayquaza.


An ape like creature that is one of the most popular  Cryptozoology. Yeti are known for myths and yet researchers are still trying to find information about Yeti. The proofs are within the pictures the people have sited in the mountains or forest. The Yeti often live in the mountains of China. Yeti are also called snowman which come from people sighting them. This scary book will tell about people of sighted the Yeti and more stories.

The Mysterious Stonehenge

Nobody knows who built the Stonehenge. There is some proof that the Stonehenge was built by the aliens. Some people believe that the Stonehenge is built by the Nomads based on the human bones discovered there. The human bones may be alien bones. It is also one of the most mysterious sites in the world! The rocks are placed in a circle. Some rocks are put down vertically and some are put on top of the vertical rocks. This may also reflect the aliens’ UFO or aircraft.  The Stonehenge is the most famous monument.

Here are some key questions to answer:

– Who built the Stonehenge?

– When was the Stonehenge built?

– Why is this called the Stonehenge?

– How did they build the Stonehenge?

– For what reason was the Stonehenge built for?

If you want to know the answer then you came to the right place because this gives you interesting facts, plus a DVD for the Stonehenge and answers to these questions!…….

Bermuda Triangle mysteries

The Bermuda Triangle is also known as the Devils Triangle. This all started when the five planes were training in Florida in Miami. This happened unexpectedly but the 5 planes have disappear into thin air when they went into the Bermuda triangle. We do not know why this happens but this may have to do with magnetic and electricity to cause a super unnatural weather. Some scientist say this may also have to do with UFO to cause the weather. Ships have sink into the deep water with out any bad weather . We do not know why this happens but in this book it will tell you full story length of all the disappearance and full of mysteries. Contains the lost of Flight 19 , The Mary Celeste , The USS Cyclops , The Douglas , and etc!!! Beware of the Bermuda Triangle!……

Can the legend be real?

What happens when you go into the Bermuda Triangle?

What does it look like in the  bottom of the sea?

These mysterious questions maybe answered in this book….. the mystery of the world in this book is waiting for you open……